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Arts & Entertainment

I completely love working with Lisa. I am a fine artist and she created a wonderful art show opening that was hugely enjoyable and very successful. She is enthusiastic, creative, has an eye for detail and is a great collaborator. She has lots of fantastic ideas and makes everything flow in an effortless way, from start to finish. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to create a very special event.
-Barbara Mindell, Continuum Movement Teacher/Artist
 Toluca Lake, CA

I have worked with Lisa on several projects and have always been impressed by her creative vision. She has impeccable taste and a sense of style that encompasses both elegance and an off-the-beaten-path simplicity. She is great at collaboration, has a really strong work ethic and brings a wonderful enthusiasm to everything she does. In short, she’s a joy to work with and I would recommend her to anyone looking to create a beautiful and unique event.
-Dawn Greenidge, Actor/Producer
 Silverlake, CA

Opening night in Hollywood: Movie Stars, Red Carpet Event, Print and TV Journalists, Photographers, a packed theater—and Lisa, the producer extraordinaire, was the iron fist in the velvet glove making it all happen! The consummate professional, Lisa combines that rare gift of detailed organizational skills with a creative vision that every successful producer must possess. I look forward to future collaborations with this remarkable young woman.
-Neil H. Weiss, Award-winning Director/Producer/Screenwriter
 Hancock Park, CA

Lisa is on it. She is smart, responsible, and organized. I've always been impressed with her ability to envision both the broad strokes and tedious details necessary to make an event great. Not only does she get it done, she gets it done in style!
-Joe Egender, Actor/Producer
 West Hollywood, CA

When I think of the best events I've been involved with over the past several years— fundraisers, parties, auctions—the common denominator is Lisa. She's so on-the-ball that by the time the big night rolls around, it all feels effortless. But that's only because Lisa's done all the hard work beforehand. As a playwright, I've had the great fortune of working with Lisa as a producer on three theatrical productions. Putting on a play is akin to putting on several events every weekend for several weeks: in a word, it's crazy. Lisa has fantastic ideas, she's a creative problem solver, she's fast, she's organized, she's a great collaborator, and, perhaps most importantly, she's fun to work with.
-Erik Patterson, Award-winning Playwright/Screenwriter
 Studio City, CA

I can’t say enough great things about Lisa and her events. Her ability to take a vision and design the perfect occasion within any budget is amazing. Guests will think it cost twice as much and her connection to a vast array of artistic/different vendors can really, (please forgive the pun), put a new twist to any occasion. She is cool under pressure and her events appear to go off without a hitch. She makes it seem effortless, but her dedication to the details and planning beforehand, great communicating, and with everything thought through to the execution is what is really going on behind the scenes. LA partygoers are sophisticated and hard to wow, but Lisa really takes it to the next level, creating an ambiance to inspire a great time!
-Julienne La Fleur, Production Executive, NBC
 Burbank, CA

Lisa is a gem to work with! We wanted an opening night party for our new production that would not involve the typical standing around and drinking white wine. Lisa offered several suggestions for different types of events that could take place all over the theatre…It was a great success and everyone enjoyed themselves immensely. Most of the time you think if you want it done right, you have to do it yourself. Lisa is one of the few people I trust to do it as well as, if not better than, I would…if I had the time! I recommend her highly.
-Inger Tudor, Director/Producer/Actor
 Hollywood, CA

Lisa thinks a step ahead of the things you wished you had thought of and executes them with flair, good taste and with a conscious eye toward quality, value and price. With so much experience in everything from film festivals, theatre productions, Hollywood publicity to private parties—everything is given the same level of attention and care. When I needed an additional producer and event planner for an upcoming production, I thought of no one else but Lisa. Her deep rolodex, hard work ethic, intelligence, wit and effortless style made for a great partnership.
-Sofie Calderon, Actor/Producer
 Pasadena, CA


It is always a pleasure to work with Lisa because she is meticulous, organized, tenacious, and very positive. She really listens to your needs and desires, and then brings wonderfully creative ideas to the table. Lisa has produced a number of very successful events for us, and we look forward to working with her again very soon.
-Diana Tanaka, Artistic Director, We Tell Stories – Children’s Storytelling Theatre
 San Fernando Valley, CA

Lisa is a joy to work with. I know that all aspects of event planning are covered and I am assured that nothing has been forgotten. She is very methodical and organized. Without her our event would not have gone as smoothly.
-Misty Iwatsu, Executive Director, North Figueroa Association
 Highland Park, CA

Lisa not only puts on spectacular events, she also cares so much about the welfare of all involved. Add to that her attention to detail and you’ve got a winning combination that makes working with her a breeze.
-Jamie Hebert, Producer/Activist
 Eagle Rock, CA